You could say that Prairie winters are the 8th wonder of the world when it comes to your low temperatures and copious amounts of snow. That's why investing in a set of winter tires makes sense. Plus, with the cash discounts, rebates, finance options, safety and peace of mind is affordable for everyone.

How Winter Tires Help:

  • Unique thick tread design that increases traction
  • Studded winter tires act like mini ice picks
  • Special Rubber that stays soft and flexible under 7 degrees
  • Hairline cuts in the tread that help displace water

Affordable Safety:

Safety should be affordable to everyone. that's why there are different payment options, rebates, and discounts made for the purchase of winter tires.
  • Employee Pricing on Winter Tires
  • Use your GM Visa and get no interest for 90 days
  • Get up to $200 in instant rebates when you use your GM Visa
  • Finance your winter tires through MPI (click here to see estimated payment plan)

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