2015 Chevy Traverse vs 2015 Ford Explorer Winnipeg MB


Sometimes a small and capable crossover just isn’t going to cut it. Sometimes you need those extra seats and that increase in muscle. This is where the SUV comes into play, and there are few better than what Chevy is offering up with the Traverse. To prove our point, we are going to take a look to see how the 2015 Chevy Traverse vs 2015 Ford Explorer in Winnipeg MB comparison turns out.

As one one of the top-selling family vehicles on the market, the sport utility vehicle has a large following. The 2015 Chevy Traverse in Winnipeg MB is looking to swoop in and show the world that everything you could ever need and then some is found on a Chevy.

2015 Traverse


2015 Explorer

266 hp

Standard Power

255 hp

116.3 cu.-ft.

Maximum Cargo Volume

80.7 cu.-ft.


Passenger Capacity


83.3 L

Fuel Capacity

70.4 L

With more standard power than the Explorer, the 2015 Traverse is going to be capable of a much more spirited drive and providing more get-up-and-go when you are loaded up with cargo. Speaking of cargo, you will be able to carry considerably more of it inside the the Chevy than you will in the Ford, nearly 40 cubic feet more of it in fact. And when it comes to making this into a family vehicle, the Traverse seats eight passengers comfortably whereas the Explorer struggles to seat seven.

In the long run, and the short run for that matter, the 2015 Chevy Traverse in Winnipeg MB is the only SUV that is capable of giving you everything you need and expect from a modern sport utility vehicle without breaking the bank. If you are looking to get more details on how great the 2015 Traverse really is, keep up with the Murray Chevrolet blog for more details from Chevrolet and the automotive industry.
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